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Want List for Ronald E. Fanfare Want List for Henry Fogel. Want List for Richard A. Apr 11, Feb 28, Der neue Merker Gramola meldet. Nov 30, Oct 5, Apr 8, Jan 12, Jan 5, Musica Per la prima volta vengono reunite in cofanetto tutte le registrazioni Per la prima volta vengono reunite in cofanetto tutte le registrazioni Stuttgarter Zeitung Aus alt mach neu. Das Opernglas Kompakt. Fono Forum Edition des Jahres. Sep 23, Sep 22, Sep 18, Gramophone Major maestros revisited. Westdeutsche Zeitung Aha-Erlebnisse. Aug 27, Aug 26, Arte Klassik. Amery, Carl pseudonym of Christian Mayer, — Amery is the author of novels in which an idiosyncratic historical awareness and elements of science fiction achieve a remarkable fusion.

In Die Wallfahrer the time-travelling device is reintroduced in order to bring together pilgrims from different periods of Bavarian history and allow them further progress into the future. The author offers alternative endings, the first preceding and the second following the apocalypse. Die gnadenlosen Folgen des Christentums , but in his more recent work he shows a growing concern with ecological issues Natur als Politik and criticizes the contemporary obsession with high technology Die starke Position oder Ganz normale MAMUS He committed suicide, a theme of several works.

Die molussische Katakombe is an anti-Fascist allegorical dystopia, part of which was published in Mariechen , written is a mixture of erotic idyll and philosophical fable. Having obtained a responsible position in the communist youth organization, Andersch was briefly incarcerated in Dachau after the Nazi seizure of power, avoided further political involvement on his release, and did various odd jobs until his call-up in On 6 June he deserted on the Italian front, a decision which he later endowed with crucial political and existential significance and made the turning-point of his autobiographical work Die Kirschen der Freiheit , the original version of which, devoid of existentialist overtones, appeared in under the title Flucht in Etrurien and was re-published in Returning from POW camp in the USA, he founded and edited with Hans Werner Richter Der Ruf —7 until the threat of suppression by the American occupation authorities made its continuation under their editorship impossible, then worked for radio, developing new broadcasting forms such as the feature and the radio essay and opening the medium to younger writers.

He performed a similar role as editor of the bimonthly Texte und Zeichen —7. Settling in Ticino in , he became a Swiss citizen in Knudsen and Judith succeed in fleeing to Sweden with the statue, while Helander falls victim to SS bullets. In Die Rote , revised version the red-haired Franziska escapes the conflicting demands of her marriage and an affair by travelling to Venice, where after becoming involved in the revenge of an Irish victim of Nazism against his former Gestapo interrogator she finds the emotional fulfilment she seeks in a relationship with an excommunist musician.

When both the mission and the relationship fail, he moves to Rome and abandons journalism for novel-writing. The last of A-Z 7 these, having saved a picture by Paul Klee from Nazi sequestration, undertakes to act as an intermediary in negotiations with the American side, but he is arrested and shot by a homosexual corporal who hopes thus to protect himself.

The surrender plan comes to nothing after the major receives a secret order to withdraw in preparation for the imminent Ardennes offensive. The situation, the constellation of characters and the symbolical role of the work of art recall Sansibar, but the larger scale of the later novel allows Andersch to analyse the interaction of personal motivation and political duress with much greater subtlety.

Andersch also produced a number of short story collections Geister und Leute. Zehn Geschichten She studied at Zurich university, and later became associated with Nietzsche, who wished to marry her, with Rilke, Gerhart Hauptmann, Frank Wedekind and other notable literary figures. She travelled widely and accompanied Rilke to Russia twice, visiting Tolstoi at his country estate.

Andres, Stefan —70 Born in the Moselle area, with Italy the setting of many of his works, Andres, after a period as a Capuchin novice and as a student, settled in Positano, where he spent the years —49; in his later years he lived in the Rhineland until and in Rome. A companion to twentieth-century german literature 8 Andres owed his popularity, which reached its height in the s and has since much abated, to numerous unpretentious novels and stories with rural and Mediterranean settings, in which a Catholic morality, tolerant of the healing forces of time and nature, sees the characters through to a positive resolution of their problems Der Mann von Asteri , Der gefrorene Dionysos —also under the title Die Liebesschaukel —Die Hochzeit der Feinde , Ritter der Gerechtigkeit , Die Reise nach Portiuncula One of several plays, Sperrzonen , and the novel Der Taubenturm represent a more realistic approach to the Third Reich and its aftermath than Die Sintflut.

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Andres returned to the theme of commitment after a struggle with conscience in the posthumously published Die Versuchung des Synesios , centred on a fifthcentury bishop of Cyrene. Andrian entered the diplomatic service, travelled widely and became briefly governor-general of Poland. Hofmannsthal was instrumental in his appointment as director of the Hoftheater, but the November revolution of abruptly terminated this. Andrian turned increasingly towards religion and a conservative stance, viz.

Andrian A-Z 9 stands very much under the shadow of Hofmannsthal, whose death in seemed to him to signify the death-knell of Austrian culture.

The correspondence with Hofmannsthal was published in However, although his exile experiences in Spain, where he took part as a non-combatant in the Spanish Civil War —9 , and in Colombia, where he spent the years —50, inspired poetry of a political dimension, he rarely conformed to socialist realist norms then or later.

Arp, Hans or Jean — Born in Strasbourg, Arp enjoyed a mixed cultural environment, and wrote in both French and German; he was talented enough to feel at ease as both graphic artist and lyric poet. In Arp exhibited his paintings and became associated with the Blaue Reiter group.

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He contributed also to the Sturm periodical ed. Herwarth Walden and attempted to emulate the effects of abstract art in literature. The first volume of his collected poetry, Die wolkenpumpe, appeared in and was characterized by grotesque and startling imagery, automatic writing and the deliberate cultivation of absurdity. A brilliant linguist—he claims to understand twenty-six languages in addition to the eight from which he has translated—and master of stylistic masks, he is also a connoisseur of black romanticism, surrealism, baroque formalism and dialect.

His best-known book remains that by which he became known: med ana schwoazzn dintn , and his work done in collaboration with other members of the Wiener Gruppe, to which he ceased to claim allegiance before its eventual dissolution, includes besides Montagen further dialect poems, hosn rosn baa Because Artmann prefers the short form and the fragment, he is best approached through collections and anthologies such as The Best of H.


Thirty-two mini-plays are assembled in die fahrt zur insel nantucket and all the prose until in Grammatik der Rosen three vols. Readers in search of exuberant fantasy, verbal prestidigitation and the ludic transmutation and promiscuous juxtaposition of every conceivable form, tone, register, genre and trivial topos, need look no further; those after spiritual or psychological depth, reflection on serious contemporary issues, realistic depiction of milieu and genuine historical awareness must look elsewhere.

Das poetische Werk, in ten volumes, appeared in Die Geschichte vom General Suter and Der Verrat von Novara were immensely popular, the latter play enjoying over two thousand performances.

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She worked from in New York but returned to her homeland in , only to be caught up in the political upheavals in the course of which Bukovina first became part of Romania, then in was absorbed by the Soviet Union, then after occupation by German troops rejoined Romania when that country entered the war on the German side in She narrowly escaped deportation, and was forced to spend the years —4 in hiding in the ghetto. Thanks to MargulSperber her first collection of poems, Der Regenbogen , was published; written in the manner of the early Rilke and Hofmannsthal, it was later rejected by her as an epigonal work.

Her second and most important collection, Blinder Sommer, did not appear until and was scarcely noticed; the title poem, containing reflections on the postHolocaust situation, is followed by poems evoking New York, poems on language and the art of poetry, autobiographical poems and poems of identification with the Jewish spiritual heritage. The theme of exile with its multiple meanings is here already present and is repeated in further variations in the subsequent collections which appeared almost yearly throughout the s and s.

Jeder Tropfen ein Stein appeared in B Bachmann, Ingeborg —73 Born in Klagenfurt, Ingeborg Bachmann studied philosophy from to , concentrating on Wittgenstein and Heidegger and gaining a doctorate for a dissertation on the latter. She spent long periods in Rome, where she died of the effects of a domestic fire accident. Although her use of imagery from nature can be related to the romantic tradition of the Stimmungsbild, behind the majority of her poems lies the concrete experience of a damaged childhood in the Austrian provinces during the Third Reich.

A melancholy sense of loss and fear that personal relationships are not only doomed to transience but threatened by socio-political forces pervades her work, even when a note of fulfilment is present as in the love poems of the second collection, at the end of which she also expresses faith in the transcending power of art.

In Malina, what appears at first to be an account of the course of a triangle involving the female narrator, the mysterious Malina and her lover Ivan turns out to be a form for the analysis of a deep psychic wound with the help of Jungian categories. A complete edition, Werke, in four volumes, appeared in Bahr later championed expressionism in his essay of the same name. The dramatist Bahr worked briefly under Max Reinhardt in Berlin, and was Dramaturg at the Burgtheater: his plays were meant as entertainment, and Das Konzert is probably the most successful, with its amusing portrayal of the idolatry enjoyed by the pianist Gustav Heink.

In he married the Wagner-singer Anna Mildenburg. Bahr was also one of the initiators of the Salzburg Festival. Ball, Hugo — Ball, one of the co-founders of Dadaism, originally studied acting at the Max Reinhardt school in Berlin and, shortly before the First World War, became director of the Munich Kammerspiele.

Ball greeted the outbreak of war as a welcome cataclysm and sought to enlist. He was rejected, but managed to witness trench warfare in Belgium: he reacted in disgust and horror. After the war he attacked the arrogance of the German intellectual tradition in Zur Kritik der deutschen Intelligent, , turned increasingly to religion Die Folgen der Reformation and Byzantinisches Christentum and befriended Hermann Hesse. The less personal, more flippant novel Flametti oder vom Dandysmus der Armen had appeared in Briefe aus den Jahren — was published in Barlach, Ernst — Sculptor, graphic artist, dramatist and novelist, Ernst Barlach was without doubt the most gifted of those expressionists Arnold Schoenberg and Oskar Kokoschka were others who enjoyed a rich diversity of talent.

Hailed as one of the greatest German sculptors of A-Z 15 the twentieth century, Barlach also achieved considerable acclaim for his plays, and he was awarded the Kleist prize in for his outstanding literary gifts. The play is mystical and sombre, exploring the conflict between the principle of transcendence the Father and that of immanence the Mother , with the son as the battlefield.

A brooding atmosphere prevails throughout as the son attempts to escape the clinging maternal influence; although he perishes in the struggle the knowledge of an immaculate spiritual conception is gained. Die echten Sedemunds describes a fight for genuine values and religious awareness within a family; Der Findling is a mystery play which shows the power of love to redeem and transform.

The North German atmosphere prevails throughout most, and a wry, often clumsy, humour is often prevalent. Barlach frequently published lithographs and woodcuts, illustrating his plays those for Der Findling are especially successful : these complement the work he did in wood, stone and bronze. His eminence in both sculpture and drama is now assured: Das dichterische Werk three vols appeared between and , was reprinted between and , and two volumes of letters were published in and Bartsch described the life of the peasants in south-west Styria and the threat of Slav encroachment; other novels he published over twenty were characterized by excessive sentimentality and pretentiousness.

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Bartsch wrote with a facility which impaired his earlier reputation. Bauer, Wolfgang — Bauer was born in Graz, where he studied and has continued to live. However, he cannot be bracketed with a dated pop culture, as he uses its trappings for his own purposes, sharing with the early Handke and other Austrians a concern with appearance and reality and a stage method which demonstrates delusion and deception in ever more sophisticated variations through the way in which characters adopt roles and force them on one another through manipulation.

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