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Creativity might come from the chaos of ideas bouncing against each other. But in order to get there, you need to rid the chaos from your surroundings. Clutter—both physical and digital—has been shown to reduce creative thinking, increase stress levels, and ruin our ability to concentrate and focus. Apply constraints to what you accumulate: Whether its Twitter followers, open tabs, or notebooks, setting hard limitations is the best way to stop accumulating more. You can either do this by subtracting deleting one tool at a time or adding deleting everything and only adding back valuable ones.

Conduct a monthly review of your space: Set time aside to clean, sort, and discard your physical and digital clutter. You can even do this daily, cleaning up your desktop each evening so you get a fresh start tomorrow. In fact, doing something unrelated to your creative problem but that you enjoy has been shown to help push the process forward.

Remember how Steve Jobs said creativity is just connecting dots? This is why to be more creative, you need to be more adventurous. Find hobbies. Go down a Wikipedia or YouTube rabbit hole. The more diverse content you consume the more you can create. Unfortunately, this is one of those rare situations where more effort actually leads to fewer results. Instead, you need to find a new angle to approach your creative problem. Luckily, many creative thinkers have come up with simple prompts to help speed up the incubation process.

Of course, like all things to do with creativity, sometimes the opposite technique will work better for you. Instead of abandoning your approach and trying to find some new and novel approach, many creatives have benefited from doing the same thing over and over. James Dyson famously created 5, prototypes of his vacuum over five years before finalizing the technology.

While Looney Toons animator Chuck Jones asserted that you have to draw , bad drawings before you have a good drawing. This all comes down to development step 5 in our Creative process. In fact, in a study done by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, creativity researchers agreed that the 1 trait underpinning creative success is resilience and perseverance.

Being more creative is a process. And sometimes that process sucks. Or, in the words of legendary artist Chuck Close :. A great creative idea needs time to incubate, develop, and grow. And that means being consistent with when you work on things. Often the friction of being more creative is only at the start. But we do need to be motivated. And one of the best ways to keep you disciplined with your creative work is to harness the power of proper goal-setting.

More specifically, we need to set tiny, achievable goals with tight deadlines. This way, we stay motivated, know what needs to be done, and get to see regular progress.

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Anthony Trollope, a prolific author in the s wrote 47 novels, 18 pieces of nonfiction, 12 short stories, and 2 plays. His secret? Stick to a strict schedule of writing words every 15 minutes throughout the day. Not only did this help Trollope write as much as he did, but more importantly, it helped him silence his inner critic. Perfectionism can kill your creativity. But when you know the goal you have to hit and make yourself accountable to it, you can silence the critic and be more creative. Creative ideas can often seem pretty out there. However, creative confidence in a group setting is an important part of any business.

Start by setting a timer for 3 minutes. Then, give each person a piece of paper with 30 circles on it. When the timer starts, everyone tries to turn the circles into as many different objects as they can i. Afterward, come together as a group to compare and discuss. Were there any trends?

Anything totally crazy that no one else expected or thought about? Start with a large whiteboard or flipchart and draw a 4-quadrant map. Now, use Post-its to capture ideas around what your customers say and do. What conclusions can you draw? What contradictions or patterns can you pull out?

One of the most common group creativity exercises is to brainstorm. Unfortunately, few of us know how to brainstorm properly. Or, we all start yelling our ideas over each other and the loudest wins. To be more creative as a group, we need to harness the power of group thinking without getting sucked into its worst qualities.

Brainstorming as an official practice was popularized by advertising executive Alex Osborn in his book, Your Creative Power. In it, he outlined four key rules for proper brainstorming:. If you need help with running a brainstorming session like this, we wrote a full guide to running more effective meetings including templates and agendas for team strategy and brainstorming sessions. Sometimes you need to get out of your space to get creative.

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Staying in the same office or same boardroom and chasing the same problems can lead you down the same path. According to a study out of the Netherlands, abnormal or jarring life experiences—both good and bad—can inspire creative thinking. While too much routine will make your thinking equally conventional. Similar ebooks.

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Since its last revision in , dozens of new treatments and philosophies about ADD and ADHD have met with storms of controversy and great media attention. Lynn Weiss cuts through the noise and gets down to the point in a human, caring, and professional way.

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People turn to the Weiss library for a breath of fresh air on the ADD turmoil. Is it an allergy? A chemical imbalance? A genetic thing? Lynn's answer: "Who cares?

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