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The dense reek of a fart spreads across an entire bus, causing the riders to look up and wrinkle their noses: suddenly, the narrator is convinced that she is the one responsible for the inhuman stench, so she gathers up her bags and quickly makes an exit. For me, Eeva Park b.

Maybe that is also why Park has only written infrequently for the theater: in drama, the sensations come from elsewhere and are already in abundance — the task of the text is different in playwriting.

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In other genres, however in shorter and longer prose, as well as in poetry , by beginning with these sensations, the author is able to arrive at an impressive variety of places. Her parents were renowned Estonian authors whose divorce is carved into local cultural history. Her earlier short stories also often convey little everyday instances, in which readers can vividly imagine the palms perspiring in an uncomfortable situation, the mind dazed from bright sunlight, and the cracked lips on a hot summer day. The book is about an Estonian girl whose boyfriend traffics her to Germany for prostitution: a plot somewhat similar to the acclaimed Lukas Moodysson film Lilya 4-ever , which was released at about the same time and was also partly filmed in Estonia.

Yet, significant differences between the two at least for the Estonian audience are the facts that Moodysson showed Eastern European exoticism through an external gaze, and the main character of the film is a member of the local Russian minority. In addition to Saul Bellow and Sherwood Anderson, Park has named authors of American detective novels as her international literary influences.

On the other hand, her more widely-read works were still included on school reading lists even when contemporary literature was merely skimmed over in mandatory curricula. For example, unlike the protagonist of the film Lilya 4-ever , the main character of A Trap in Infinity finds strength in deciding to take revenge upon her trafficker.

Yet one still must recognize that Park is, in a sense, a pre-feminist writer. She is kindred to the Soviet and post-Soviet female Russian writers who have strongly rejected calling themselves feminists. Rather, she characterizes relations between the genders as a force majeure. This novel describes itself as erotic and I would agree and yet further explain that it never delves into smut. Instead we are treated to a more sensuous story from beginning to end. Dangerous is told from the first person account of Koishi.

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I personally love this way of telling stories as there this really assists the reader in seeing and living through the eyes of the narrator. Unfortunately first person often fails the narrating character and that person can be left seemingly wooden. Not so in Dangerous. Koishi is very fleshed out and feels real and likable. Another thing I loved was the very real and convincing secondary characters. Each of them felt alive and were interesting enough that I easily learned their names and stories. Would I recommend this? Yes definitely. This book rises far above the usual offerings in this genre.

And while the book did wrap many things up, there were several plot lines purposely left open. It seems there is a sequel in the works and I honestly can't wait.

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The characters are both credible and complex, and some of the scenes are as hot as hell. The characters and emotions are disturbingly believable, and unlike so many of the genre it is well written enough to be savoured rather than skimmed through to find the next setpiece scene.

A Sensuous Novel

There are echoes of "O", but with enough originality to lift it far above being just a copy. For me this is definitely one to keep and read again while waiting for more from this author. Written with true feelings, the author takes the reader on a journey of submission with all the twists, turns and ingenious ploys of a demanding enigmatic Mistress.

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The story is as unpredictable as the well developed characters and will captivate the reader completely to the very last page. It will surely join the other classics in the realm of domination and submission literature!

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  • It was erotic, but not when I expected it to be. It was exciting, almost terrifying, but events unfolded unpredictably, forcing me into the protagonist's shoes. Once I started, I could not stop and finished it before I was ready for it to be done. Fantastic and fun. I am not the type to beg, but please, please gift us at least a short story.

    Another novel would be priceless. Sandra Kishi Glenn has written a great novel in its own right. I have read it in two sessions on two evenings, enjoyed every page of it and was quite disappointed when I had reached the last one; not disappointed because it left me dissatisfied, but because it had ended and there is no sequel.

    Just One More Chance

    Sandra Kishi Glenn shows real talent and her attention to detail is astonishing. To explain what I mean: The story unfolds over the course of a few years and the protagonist, Koishi Paz, works in a high-tech industry. Technology changes fast. And this is reflected precisely in the story - not in an obvious in-your-face way, but in some subtle details.

    Don't expect too many "erotic scenes", though. This relationship has many sides to it and develops in interesting, sometimes surprising ways. Physical sex is just one part it. This was not disappointing at all, even though I was looking for an "erotic" novel.