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Mac still has her flashlight and spear and everyone is the same as the previous book. There are few interaction between Barrons and Mac but nothing we haven't seen before with Barrons as mysterious as ever. V'lane is actually helpful, while Rowena is still going through menopause I know because my mother is going through, sorry mom.

Yes, I understand in real life this does happen but does that mean I want a heroine to go through it. I understand Moning thinks Mac needs to go through this to make her grow yet I think she could of done a better job writing this part.

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Moning appears to condone the rape by fantasising it but this is not the case. On Moning's website she states, "I don't condone rape in any form, either, ever. Having been attacked twice in my life, I fully understand the many emotions and ramifications. In all reality I feel this book is a mid series book stuck in the middle with really nothing to recommend it. I only gave it an average rating because I like the two previous books in the serie Read full review.

This is a GreaT series to read. Then when I got to the end and found that there was a continuation. I cannot wait until this summer when the fourth book comes out. I know that there is a fourth and fifth novel to come out within the next year and a half. I heard that there was possibility for two more books after that. I highly do recommend these books if you like this type. They are exciting and addicting.

And this Author also has the highlandeer series. I will try to purchase those as soon as I finish this novel. Great reading to all of you who like to read. Thanks Read full review. Yes this barrons, vlane thing is getting a little old, along with the unseelie and seelie, i have these moments that i wish she would be merry gentry It didn't deliver on any so many levels, I can't name them all. Read the last 10 pages, and you'll be ready for the next book.

Again, from this book, think that perhaps the next book will be just like this, fluff, without delivering anything. Am of the opinion the final book 5 probably should have been 3 and the last, but, I'm assuming money talks. Excellent series it just keeps on building and getting better and better! I love how she has taken Ireland and the Fae and made it so realistic well as realistic as you can make fantasy. Her imagination is just great loved this book and all of this series.

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Faefever: Fever Series Book 3

See all 15 pre-owned listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Hurtling us into a realm of seduction and shadows, Karen Marie Moning tells the enthralling tale of a woman who explores the limits of her mysterious powers as she enters a world of ancient sorceryand confronts an enemy more insidious than she could ever have imagined. I'd die for him.

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I'd kill for him, too. Everyone needs Barrons in their brain. This series is so good.

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I am so glad it is still as wonderful now as it was when I first read it. Five stars isn't enough to show how good it is. Pay attention to the prologue in this series. There is also a lot of foreshadowing throughout the book and series. In this book there is a lot of groundwork laid out for what is to come and ends on the worst thing possible happening. It gets crazy and dark.. It gets worse and better.

All the characters grow. We still don't learn what Barrons is yet in this book, but if you are like me, that only keeps you going. KMM does a fantastic job of keeping us in Mac's head.

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We only know what she knows, what she thinks, what she feels. Good and bad, I know. Mac is a flawed character, but she's changing. Things happen and she adapts. She is change.

Barrons seems sketchy sometimes and I get it. I would probably be a little paranoid too if I were Mac. But, Barrons should be judged on actions over words. V'lane tries to romance Mac. He tries to understand, but he isn't perfect.

None of them are. No one is. His effort makes him seem almost human sometimes. Gah, this book's ending slayed me for the couple days I had to wait for the next to be delivered from Amazon back when I first read the series. Hopefully others will have them lined up ready to go. There are so many things that happen that seem insignificant but aren't. The series has its usual maps, shows the characters tattoos, has a soundtrack, a glossary, recipes lol , and a pronunciation guide.

Read it. Your life will be more interesting with Barrons in your brain. But it is a really long, dark, misogynist tunnel. This book doesn't carry the story forward. There are no male leads who appreciate a strong female lead. And the strong female lead is hard to like.