Guide Faggots for the Fireside, Tales of Fact and Fancy

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Be playing music on fiddle; be playing with something in one's fingers, without purpose. Fiddle BOW. Be moving body about unnecessarily; get on nerves of. One who fidgets. Person keeping property etc.

Faggots for the Fireside; Or, Tales of Fact and Fancy

Marked-off stretch of land on farm etc. Field marshal , person with highest army position; hold the field against , not be overcome by ; take I, go to field of war. Day of army training in field operations; [Am. One fielding in sports. Long-distance glasses for use out of doors. Gun on wheels. Of or like fire, flaming; violent, quickly made angry.

Make use of physical force against, sp.

Fight it out , come to a decision about by fighting or argument; fight shy of , keep out of the way of. Of words used of something other than that pointed to by the straightforward sense, to give a picture or make clear a parallel. Form of person's body, sp.

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Get marked with small designs; take a part, be seen, in , as. Figure out , get worked out sp. Ornament at front of ship; person who is head in name only. Small figure in stone etc. Stiff pointed wire for keeping papers on; box etc. Put on, in, file. Metal instrument with rough face for rubbing down, cutting through, hard substances.

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Make use of file on. Small bit s filed off. Line of persons, one at back of another freq. Go in file. Man making war on another country without authority from his government. Make, become, full; put stopping in tooth ; be enough for needs, etc. Fill in , sp. One's fill , as much food as one is able to take.

Narrow band as head ornament; bit of fish or meat cut for table without bones. Put fillet round; make fish into fillets. A thin skin, plate, etc. Make, become, covered with film; take motion picture of. Apparatus for freeing liquids from solid substances by sending through sand, paper, etc. Send, go, through filter; get slowly through , into etc.

Filtered liquid. Disgustingly dirty substance. Filthy lucre , [Hum. Coming last; in which no further change is, may be, made. Final test or part of competition freq. Last division of work of music or play. The controlling of sp. Finances , government's, company's, person's, money. Give or get money for undertaking, etc. Make discovery of, sp. Find favour with , get approval of ; find one's feet , make a start to do well; find out , make discovery of fact, secret ; find person out , find out his bad qualities, wrongdoing. Thing found, sp. Payment fixed as punishment. Give punishment to by fine.

Of high quality; good, great; good-looking, beautiful; very thin, sharp; delicate in structure; in very small grains; of weather bright, without rain. Make or become thinner, sharper. Beautiful clothing, ornaments. Pulled out very thin. Delicate, expert, way of guiding relations with others, sp. Any of 5 end-parts of hand or sp. Have at one's finger-tips , have a good, ready, knowledge of; turn , twist , person round one's little finger , have him completely under control.

Be feeling with fingers; put marks on music making clear which fingers are to be used. One for washing fingers in at table. Plate of brass etc. Signboard pointing way.

Faggots for the Fireside, Tales of Fact and Fancy

Mark of finger, sp. Cover for damaged finger. Over-delicate in taste; overfull of attention to details. Come to an end, the end of; put last touches, give polish, to; put an end to. End; thing making complete; look, condition, when finished; polished behaviour. Finn , n. Person of Finland. Language of the Finns. Narrow arm of sea between slopes, as in Norway.

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Sorts of evergreen tree with needle-like leaves. Condition of burning, flames; fire causing destruction; burning coal etc. On fire , burning; under fire , in range of gun-fire.

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Make on fire for destruction; make worked up; let off gun; of gun go off; send ball, etc. Fire away! Make a start 1 go on! Bell etc. Bit of burning wood; person working up trouble. Body of men for putting out fires. Small firework going off with sharp sound.

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See DAMP. Fire-brigade's engine. Apparatus for getting out of burning building. Insect giving out light in the dark. Instruments used in keeping fire going in fireplace.

One of fire-brigade. Space for fire in room. Safe against burning. Space round fireplace. Gunpowder etc. Of solid structure; fixed, not moving; keeping to decisions. Earliest in time, order; most important. Earliest; for the first time; before giving way I'll perish first. One getting place in first division of University test. At first , at the start; at , from , the first , at, from, the start; the first , the person or thing coming or named first. Of best quality.