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Teaching Life Skills as High School Electives is a great way to ensure your kids have the skills they need and earn high school credit for learning them! One of the many advantages of homeschooling includes being able to be sure to cover these life skills topics. There is no time like the present to start doing them! Over the course of this series I will be talking about essential life skills and how to incorporate them into your high school transcript as high school electives.

10 Home Ec Skills Your Kids Need to Know

I have broken essential life skills down into two main categories: Home Economics and Shop Class. Then I have further broken each of them down into bite-sized chunks for ease of use. I will give you lists of ideas for covering each topic, as well as resources for learning and teaching each skill to your kids. You could easily give half a credit during a semester or two for working your way through these life skills as high school electives.

Home Economics Without Curriculum

To make things easier I have provided not only specific tasks under each life skill for your teens to learn and accomplish, but I have created a useful printable list for each life skill topic that is easy to date and check off for your homeschool record keeping! Wendy Hip Homeschool Moms Mar 06, Hey Heidi! Heidi Mar 07, Kristy Jun 02, Once the educational objectives are identified, develop the framework of curriculum. Add the specific pieces, like learning activities and lesson plans, as the curriculum develops.

Step two of the creation process is deciding what subjects to include in the home economics study.

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The five core concepts for home economics are: cooking, baking, sewing, organization, and hospitality. By combining cooking and baking into one quarter, the key concepts are covered as follows:.

In step three, take each quarterly subject and break it down into monthly, weekly, and daily units and lesson plans. Here is a suggested plan for the Cooking and Baking quarterly unit:. In step four, decide what type of extended learning opportunities to incorporate.

2018-2019 Home Economics

For step five, pull the quarterly unit together into a written plan. Educational goals are set, subjects identified, lesson planning is in place, and assessment methods determined.

Home economics lesson plans | Plain and not so plain

The rest is simple. Use the same format for the remaining three quarters of your curriculum. Determine supplies and written materials by the quarterly subject matter.