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Dick Award for the best original paperback published that year in the United States. Take Back Plenty book.

Take Back Plenty by Colin Greenland | Orion - Bringing You News From Our World To Yours

Read 45 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A fast-moving space adventure featuring mysterious aliens, a journ This should explain both why I can't stand the recent direction Doctor Who who has taken , and more importantly for this review why I was so surprised at Colin Greenland 's Take Back Plenty , a book I picked up on a whim about ten years ago, then found myself almost unable to put down, finishing it in less than two days, and a book which has lost On Plenty , a ghetto planet populated by dysfunctional robots, looters, drunken spacers, and ….

It's clever, smoothly written, endlessly inventive and entertaining. Our heroine is Tabitha Jute, a tough space pilot whose ship is constantly on the verge of falling apart.


She hires herself out to an eccentric band -- a con artist Taken by my serious, literal mind which was just a moment ago focused on hard, near-future SF, the life and times of Tabitha Jute seemed like a seriously strange load of old guff when I started reading. And I won't even mention the Seraph Kajsa's penchant for hanging out in black basque and suspenders whilst orchestrating vast biological experiments.

The trilogy celebrates all that's fun, fantastic and flighty in a couple of centuries of British literature and does so with a tangible pleasure in the effort. Its larger significance doesn't lie in the usual 'what if', 'if only' and 'if we don't stop..

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