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We also support the qualification enhancement in form of distance study at secondary schools or universities.. To help resolve conflicts, the organisations create the scope for dialogue involving the different population groups and political institutions.. A new law on unified school from joined general, town schools and grammar schools into one whole — year secondary school.. In Banda Aceh for example, which was one of the areas worst affected by the tsunami, there are now three vocational schools educating 2, students in 23 trades and professions, including car mechanics, hotel management and operations specialists, and graphic designers..

GIZ also worked on behalf of BMZ in Thailand between and , advising the country's disaster assistance office on setting up a disaster management system.. The project is contributing to the development of a labour market-oriented system of vocational training to enable young people to gain appropriate skills..

This process involves defining vocational standards, curriculum development, teacher training, training in school management and support for the construction of new vocational schools and their targeted use.. Dies geschieht durch die Festlegung von Berufsstandards, Curricula-Entwicklung, Lehreraus- und Fortbildung, Schulmanagementtraining sowie die Begleitung des Aufbaus neuer Berufsschulen und deren zweckbestimmter Nutzung.. This is to be achieved by working more closely with the private sector and through using a strategically aligning policies and programmes based on specific, detailed data..

The capacity and abilities of vocational schools , trade associations and the Togolese employment agency will be improved so that they can help small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas to meet their needs for properly trained workers.. Especially where blue-collar trades are concerned, enterprises and associations will gain the capacity to apply a dual training approach alongside traditional apprenticeships, and thus integrate theoretical content relevant to the labour market into their training schemes..

The national vocational training system has undergone reform and is now more practice-oriented..

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In , around , students were enrolled in the more than vocational schools.. Das landesweite Berufsbildungssystem ist reformiert und praxisorientiert ausgerichtet.. It aims to develop high-quality in-company training roughly comparable to the German dual vocational training system, which will save the government considerable capital expenditure.. Results achieved so far Under the programme, GIZ has so far supported the introduction of six newly developed industrial technical training occupations at 35 vocational schools , which are currently training more than 2, young people, including almost seven per cent women..

In each of the 50 schools participating in the programme will receive workshop equipment adapted to local infrastructure conditions.. Zurzeit werden darin mehr als 2.

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A good example of how this relationship looks in practice is provided by the field of vocational training, in which GIZ and the GCCAs work together to strengthen the vocational training systems in many different countries.. GIZ supports governments and educational institutions in designing and implementing reforms in vocational training, while the GCCAs work at the interface between the companies, associations and vocational schools providing the training to help ensure quality..

Derzeit unterrichtet er parallel zu seinem Masterstudium an einer anderen Berufsschule in Yanbu.. Since , the regional chambers of commerce have been inviting local vocational training schools and company representatives to round table discussions aimed at identifying and addressing common challenges in vocational training and economic development..

The Ministry, vocational training schools and other state and private institutions are launching marketing campaigns to promote the dual system and master tradespersons training programme, using opening days, awards for the top apprentice mechanic of the year and providing information through different media.. Seit laden die regionalen Handelskammern Berufsschulen und Unternehmensvertreter ihrer Region zu Runden Tischen ein, um gemeinsame Herausforderungen in der beruflichen Bildung und Wirtschaftsentwicklung zu definieren und anzugehen..

In consultation with their local employers, 13 junior managers from vocational schools and companies, who have been participating in a one-year International Leadership Training ILT course in Germany, have developed transfer projects that they will implement after their return.. Eine Gruppe von Lehrern wurde in der praktischen Anwendung der Unterlagen trainiert.. Children who do not attend school are often those who work all day, have to cope with disabilities or live in crisis countries or rural regions of sub-Saharan Africa..

In vast and sparsely populated Mali, it is the municipalities which are responsible for providing basic social amenities such as schools , health centres and an energy supply, so efficient local authorities which are close to citizens and strengthen local democracy have a vital role to play.. As a boy, Akram Zaatari grew up hearing ever more elaborate versions of this story, for his father had been the director of that school for 30 years.. The Brazilian implementing organisations are strengthened using tailored solutions.. Despite extensive reform efforts, the education systems are still unable to provide children and young people with an education of adequate standard..

Particular problems in the Central Asian countries taking into account specific national characteristics are that the schools are poorly equipped, there is a lack of practical pre-service and in-service training for teachers, and the teachers are also poorly paid, leading to a lack of teaching staff.. Curricula that are overly theoretical in nature allow hardly any scope for pupils to develop their own personal interests..

The children are aware of the disaster risk and heed warning signs and signals accordingly.. The parents know that the school is a disaster-resistant refuge safe haven and that teachers are qualified to take appropriate measures in the event of a disaster.. The schools are equipped in line with standards to serve as safe havens and emergency shelters.. Only about thirteen per cent of people living in Tanzania had access to improved sanitation in Sanitation is especially unsatisfactory in public institutions, such as hospitals and schools..

They lack the necessary infrastructure, and hygiene rules are often not followed properly.. Hier fehlt geeignete Infrastruktur, und Hygieneregeln werden oft nur unzureichend angewendet..

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Within the context of component 4 Governance in the education sector , the department for transparency was advised on introducing an accountability instrument.. So-called transparency boards have been erected at 4, schools in the project area with great success and eliciting great public interest.. The boards indicate the names of the teachers assigned to the school, the funds made available to it and other relevant information.. Die sogenannten Tafeln der Transparenz sind in 4. I have first-hand experience of how difficult it is to have no roads, no schools and no health care in the surrounding area..

From the stories I have been told, I know how hard life used to be for my father and for others.. Akbar was a teacher at a school in an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan.. Since returning to Afghanistan, he has been working to train teachers on behalf of GIZ.. The funding provided will help implement a wide range of measures in African countries over the coming years, enabling more children and young people in Africa go to school and receive a better education.. I always wanted to have a school-leaving qualification, but women from my community and ethnic group are not usually allowed to go to school..

When I reached secondary school level, my father wanted to take me out of school, so I joined the Maoists.. Als mein Vater mich in der 6. Klasse aus der Schule nehmen wollte, habe ich mich den Maoisten angeschlossen.. Therefore I need to double my effort and improve on my studies, try to go back to school and maybe get a master and see how I can contribute to my country as a whole..

Social justice means, your daughter can go to school , and so can my daughter.. Social justice means even the poor have a chance to benefit from the quality of education, health care, employment, land.. Soziale Gerechtigkeit bedeutet, dass ihre Tochter zur Schule gehen kann, ebenso wie meine Tochter.. This is certainly not an everyday occurrence in Guinea where not all children of school age go to school and where only half of all girls make it past year Meanwhile, the village of Bristen in the Maderanertal is in the throes of upheaval :.

She has to work at home, is rarely able to go to school and is often married off as young as Around 8, girls from socially disadvantaged families can already look forward to a better future thanks to the special classes they have attended as part of a GIZ programme.. Es muss zu Hause mitarbeiten und kann kaum zur Schule gehen.

Verheiratet wird es oft schon mit 14 Jahren.. Auf etwa 8. To learn, belong and to look forward to adulthood — that is what all children long for.. In many African countries, this is beyond the reach of every third child because there are too few educational establishments and because children are expected to contribute to the livelihood of the whole family and therefore cannot go to school.. Many children from classes with a poor social status have no possibility to go to school while in the age of primary education..

However, nearly half the children and young people of school age still do not attend school , and only about a quarter of the teachers have the requisite qualifications..

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It is estimated that , additional teachers will be required for primary and secondary schools by Bis zum Jahr werden voraussichtlich S Education for All Global Monitoring Report calls for particular attention to be devoted to fragile states in international efforts to promote education.. The figures speak for themselves, with some 28 million children of primary-school age not attending school in countries affected by conflict..

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