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The remaining counties have limits on the number of firearms antlerless deer hunting permits you may fill during firearms deer season all portions combined. Only antlerless deer may be harvested during the Antlerless Portion. Limits vary by county. Nov 16 to Nov 26 If you harvest a deer from certain counties in the CWD Management Zone during the opening weekend, November , you must take your deer to a designated CWD sampling station.

Nov 02 to Nov 03 Nov 29 to Dec 01 To participate, you must be at least 6 and no older than 15 on the opening day of the early youth portion. This is NOT a legal document.

Antlered and Antlerless Deer

Regulations are subject to revision during the current year. Refer to the Wildlife Code. We protect and manage the fish, forest, and wildlife of the state. We facilitate and provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy, and learn about these resources. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Species A-Z. Deer Hunting Guide.

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Hunter Education. Call to report poaching and arson. Where to Fish. Fishing Prospects. Get Started Fishing.

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Protect Missouri Fishing. Field Guide: A-Z. Places to Go. Things to Do. MDC Research. Fall Color Updates. Teacher Portal. Find Places to Go in MO. Family Camping Spots.

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Shotgunning for Deer

Louis Events. Discover Nature School Events. Eagle Days. Contact Us. The various management tools include restrictions on the length of season, the sex of the animals that may be legally shot and the culling of additional deer in areas where they have overpopulated their habitat.

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The overpopulation problem is alleviated through the so-called party-permit system in which groups of hunters may shoot one additional deer of either sex in addition to the one to which each hunter is legally entitled. Last year, 85, deer were taken in this manner in New York State.

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This is the only situation in which a hunter may legally shoot more than one deer in the state. Except under the party-permit arrangement, hunters using firearms are limited to bucks with antlers at least three inches long. In New York State's southern zone, roughly the lower half of the state, there are two archery seasons. The first opened Oct.

The modern-firearms season in the southern zone is Nov. Only bow-and-arrow hunting is allowed in Westchester Nov.

Portions of Albany and Monroe counties are also limited to bow-andarrow hunting during the regular-firearms season. Elsewhere in the southern zone, there is a large area where all legal weapons may be used and another where the modern rifle is excluded. In both these areas, except where only bow-and-arrow hunting is permitted, a pistol may also be used. In some places, the pistol must be.

In others, the only restriction on a pistol - and this applies throughout the northern zone - is that it not be a rimfire. In the northern zone, the bow-and-arrow and muzzle-loading seasons ended Oct. I n addition to the limitations on the pistols, there are regulations involving rifles, shotguns and bows and arrows. No rifle using rimfire ammunition can be used for deer hunting; shotguns must be 20 gauge or larger and loaded with a single round ball or rifled slug.

15 Tips for Opening Day of Gun Season

An auto-loading rifle or shotgun holding more than six rounds is illegal. A bow must be capable of casting a legal hunting arrow at least yards. The muzzle-loading weapon must have rifling in its barrel and must be.